Battery Based Off-grid Solar Technology

Off-grid battery based renewable energy systems allow remote users to enjoy the conveniences of modern life without creating a large carbon foot print.  In most cases off-grid power systems can be more cost effective than installing a few hydro poles to connect new homes or cottages to the electric utility.  


Solar modules (solar panels) are becoming more efficient every year.  We offer high quality modules.


There are many battery types in the solar industry such as the tried and true Flooded Lead Acid, low maintenance Absorbed Glass Matte (AGM), and newly developed Lithium Ion batteries.  Each have their strengths, we'll review them to find the technology that best suits your application.


These electronic devices regulate the solar energy to charge your batteries at the optimal settings.  The most efficient chargers use Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology.


Not all inverters are made equal.  We offer high quality sine wave inverters that provide reliable 'clean' quality power. 



Recent changes to the Ontario Electrical Code require rapid system shutdown of solar based equipment.  We'll design and install the appropriate solution to meet this requirement.

Tired of Your Generator Yet?

- Fuel costs continually rising

- Transportation of fuel to site
- Constant drone of a running generator
- Having to shut off your generator before bed

While generators do have their place in most offgrid systems in a standby role, the technology used today can significantly reduce or eliminate their requirement altogether.